An Astronaut’s Tips on Coping with Confinement & Isolation

Bel Air | August 31, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis forced Americans into long-term isolation for an indeterminable amount of time. Bel Air Investment Advisors invited astronaut Dr. Garrett Reisman to discuss with its guests ways to live meaningfully in isolation. Dr. Reisman, selected by NASA in 1998, flew on missions with the Endeavor and Atlantis space shuttles and served aboard the International Space Station.

During the virtual event, Dr. Reisman explored several tools astronauts use to manage the anxiety, uncertainty, and loneliness that can emerge during extended periods of isolation.  Among the many pieces of advice he shared, Dr. Reisman emphasized how important it is to stay busy. Few things can add to the hardships of isolation more than not having anything to do. Secondly, Dr. Reisman promoted the idea of expeditionary behavior. It is important to demonstrate leadership and fellowship, to communicate well with those around you, and to do intentional acts of self and team care. Additionally, Dr. Reisman advised that everyone that lives with others should have a dedicated personal space where they can have privacy and time alone. Conversely, it is also important that people reach out to others and intentionally stay in touch with those outside their bubble so in order to maintain human connections.

This exclusive event was part of Bel Air’s ongoing Conversations series that works to connect its community to unique and memorable events. Bel Air brought the event to guests virtually as a way to continue to strengthen their community while under Stay at Home directives.