Independent Minded Wealth Management

Bel Air Investment Advisors services the specific investment needs and interests of wealthy individuals, families, and foundations. The practice was built on a set of client centric values and beliefs which it continues to operate by today. Bel Air has one singular mission: to help clients achieve their financial goals.

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Wealth management is so much more than a portfolio

It’s about creating a legacy.

Bel Air helps meet the needs of clients through life’s most complex financial situations, including; major life changes and liquidity events; taking a company public; intergenerational wealth transfer; inheriting a large sum of capital; getting married and combining finances; investing assets on behalf of a foundation; or seeking to change investment advisors.

Wealthy individuals often face complex financial decisions that require highly experienced professionals to help solve critical investment, tax, and estate planning challenges with a customized approach.

Bel Air’s advisors, portfolio managers, and researchers bring decades of industry experience in tailoring investment solutions to meet a client’s needs and safeguard their legacy.


The team of advisors, investment managers, and analysts at Bel Air is equipped to meet its clients’ investment needs and fortify legacies for generations to come.

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